Strategic Planning

This department designs, implements and gives advice on the development of projects which have the main aim to lead our clients to improve and achieve success and excellence on their business.

It includes the following services:


  • Business Strategy Review
  • Potential New Markets Analysis
  • Global Reorganization of Business
  • New Lines of Business Implantation
  • Change Management and Mergers / Acquisitions
  • Search of Partners
  • Advice in Negotiation Processes
  • Preparation of Sales' Notebooks
  • Members of the Directors' Board


  • Business / Areas Reorganization
  • Opportunities Research and Diversification
  • Products and Services’ Portfolio Reorganization
  • Business Plans Design and Budgets
  • Implementation and Control of Plans and Budgets
  • Areas / Teams Professionalization
  • Team of Directors Leadership and training

Managing Change

  • Adequacy of Management and Control Instruments
  • Procedures and Costs Analysis
  • Improvement of the Operative Management
  • Adequacy of the Financial Management
  • Analysis and Improvement of the Human Resources Management
  • Redirection of the Commercial Management
  • Interim Management