Legal Department

Thanks to its broad relationship with the other departments of the firm, ALIÓ & SANS offers to its clients, companies and individuals, a legal consulting and assistance service where develops, among others, the following activities:

  • Generic advice on civil and criminal matters
  • Study, preparation, drafting and negotiation of all types of contracts
  • Direction and advice of contentious proceedings before the courts in civil and criminal matters
  • Bad debt: solvency studies and legal claims
  • Family law
  • Residence status for foreigners

The fact that business activities have been undertaken by established companies, has generated an increase of activity related to this field. Among others, this department studies, draws up and deals with all the documentation related with:

  • Constitution and establishment of companies
  • Transformation of companies
  • Adapting companies’ statutes to current legislation
  • Increases and decreases in paid-up capital
  • Updating appointed directors
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies

We would like to highlight operations such as mergers, demergers, incorporations of new branches of activity and share exchange schemes, that allow companies to restructure and optimize businesses with important tax savings.

This department also covers insolvency procedures and negotiation with credit institutions, giving the necessary advice on these fields to clients affected by these circumstances, both on the legal and economic side.