About us

Throughout the company’s history, ALIÓ & SANS has concentrate its activity on tax advisory, company law, accounting and auditing services, which have been subsequently completed with labour and legal services, as well as other areas necessaries to offer an integrated professional service to our clients. Because of the interdisciplinary vision of the company, the different areas of the office remain under a permanent coordination strategy.

ALIO & SANS is a professional office founded under a different name in 1950. Joan Alió Ferrer was one of the founding partners, subsequently joined by Ramon Sans Vilalta, both Professors Mercantils (economists) and Censors Jurats de Comptes (auditors).

Josep Alió
Ramon Sans

In 1985 the next generation joned the firm: Josep Alió Borràs, a lawyer, and Ramon Sans Mestre, economist and auditor. They are the current Directors/Partners, managing an interdisciplinary team with a broad experience in all areas of the firm's activities.

Antonio JordàIn 2016, Antonio Jordà joined the firm to coordinate and reinforce the legal and labour departments of ALIÓ & SANS. A widely experienced lawyer, he was a partner at the Garrigues law firm for 15 years.

Since 1970 the firm has been based at number 32 of the Rambla Nova in Tarragona, where it owns an office space of 600 square meters equipped with the latest office technologies.