Tax department

This is the main area of the office’s work and the source of its birth and subsequent growth.

This department ranges from advising on any taxes or tributes, to filling and managing all those forms, tax returns and procedures related to this area. The department also has considerable experience in legal advice and representation before Inland Revenue inspections and Court proceedings.

As well as planning tax strategies for the financial year, a key element of this area is in studying and implementing reorganizations of business groups for tax efficiency (holdings), generational changes in family businesses and the tax issues relating to the succession, and those issues arising from the special regulation on mergers, demergers, incorporations of new branchs of activity and share exchange schemes.

Furthermore, the department offers full assistance in the practical application of transfer pricing rules, formalizing the required legal documents.

In our role as tax advisors, we were founding members of Asociación Española de Asesores Fiscales (AEDAF – Spanish Association of Tax Consultants) in 1967, a national institute made up of University Graduates, experts in the field, dedicated to the open practice of financial advice, being extremely useful to the profession, through their numerous collections and publications, frequent meetings and training and recycling courses. Under an international scenario, AEDAF is currently a member of the European Fiscal Confederation (C.F.E.), a consultative organ of the European Union on tax issues, and meeting point for professionals from all over Europe.